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Brown Bunneez Unlimited Membership Club

Join Our Community of Empowered #WOC

bunnee tier

Level 1 - Bunnee : Become a member of BBUL by submitting the membership form

Level 2 -Bunnee Hopper : Follow us on FB and IG (share 1 BBUL post each)

Level 3 - Tunnel Bunnee : Join our discord channel and Twitter

Level 4 - Elite Bunnee : Join the BBUL NFT Club by purchasing one of our digital assets

Level 5 -Prestige Bunnee : Refer a bunnee who signs up with our BBUL Membership Club

bunnee badges

Socialite : Comment/Like/share 3+ blog posts

Ref Rocker : Refer 5 + Bunneez who sign up with bbul membership

A-Lister : Consistent engagement with and promotion of our community

campaigner : Nominate 2+ Bunneez for the Rabbit hole

 Sponsor: make any type of donation to the community

Perfect Harmony

Join the Brown Bunneez Unlimited Club and receive your exclusive membership perks AKA "Carrots"

  • Becoming a part of the BBUL Club means joining a community of women who are not afraid to stand up for their beliefs, rights, and values!

  • Receive exclusive perks such as auto-updates, discounted bbul merch, bbul event invites, and even your own bbul nft!

  • So much more!

What's Your Shade of Brown?
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