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Introducing Brown Bunneez Unlimited

Who Are We?

Brown Bunneez Unlimited LLC (BBUL) is an organizational community founded by a brown woman and aimed at representing brown women of all races. No matter if you are African American, Asian (Arab), Asian (Chinese, Korean, Japanese), Caribbean, Hawaiian, Hispanic/Latina, Native American, no Pacific Islander; ALL brown women are welcomed here!

What Do We Do?

BBUL's mission is to recognize, inspire, support, and empower (RISE) the women of our community. We aim to celebrate the differences and strengths of brown women (from historical to present-day) globally. BBUL will do this by developing a variety of projects for our community, enabling us to provide both the knowledge and resources necessary to succeed. This will include (not limited to): community engagement, discussions & forums, educational resources/tips, digital assets (NFTs & real estate), business networking, collaboration/partnership opportunities, grants/scholarships, and much more!

What Kind of Resources & Recognition Will Be Provided?

Currently, BBUL is dedicated to growing its community and social presence. One of our main features will include recognizing both bunneez (brown women) of our choosing as well as nominated WOC in our featured #RabbitHole area. This area is connected to the BBUL blog with the goal of giving deserving bunneez their carrots. Submit your nominee using the form provided.

BBUL will be opening its #BBULAmbassadorProgram shortly. This will allow brown women of all races to apply and become one of the faces of our community. For more info, click here.

Also, BBUL is working on launching its Brown Bunneez Unlimited NFT Club in the near future. With 100k NFTs (featuring multiple collections), this resource will allow our community to access the cryptocurrency's Metaverse at an affordable rate. Because the collection will be rather large, there will be multiple drops after the initial launch; creating a plethora of opportunities for us to maintain this access. Click here to check out more info on the #BBULNFTClub.

*Anyone nominating a bunnee, must be a BBUL member in order for the submission to be pinged as valid. Memberships are FREE!

Is The BBUL Membership Really Free?

Yes! Becoming a member of BBUL will always be free for anyone to join. We will never ask for a credit card or charge you for being a member. There are no hidden fees, therefore becoming a member of BBUL will grant you automatic access to our resources. Now, there is a membership tier that will allow you to access more BBUL membership club features and resources. However. these membership levels are acquired via bunnee activity vs payments.

*For example, after joining our membership, you must follow us on at least 2 social networks to reach level 1 tier. You can find more info on our membership program, by clicking here.

If BBUL is Free, Why Are You Asking For Donations?

The BBUL organization accepts donations from anyone who has the compassion to support our community monetarily, although this is not mandatory to be a member. Because our vision has been aligned to produce numerous projects, we ask for donations to continue growing and expanding. These donations can come from creators, investors, members, non-members, partners, etc. All donations will be used to develop our upcoming projects, which you can check out once we release them.