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Join the BBUL NFT Club!

Updated: Jul 11, 2022


Because Brown Bunneez Unlimited aims to empower our community’s women, we will continue to research more opportunities for elevation. Right now, we have chosen cryptocurrency as our first project since it is basically the new evolution of investing; which can quickly lead to financial freedom. Check out our article on cryptocurrency to learn more about it (or else we’ll be here all day in this one post).

For now, we will stick to the topic at hand, the BBUL NFT Club. So, on our journey into cryptocurrency, we have decided to invest in the non-fungible token (AKA NFT) industry. That being said, we have curated an entire concept of digital art supported by a full-scale content launch, to come. The BBUL Digital art will consist of both 2D and 3D designs, featuring mostly bunnee-related concepts and some exclusive "special edition" pieces. We will even offer the possibility to receive personalized BBUL bunnee NFTs, for exclusive members-only (owning 2+ BBUL NFTs).


Brown Bunneez Unlimited NFT‘s Club is a digital representation of the women of our BBUL Community. Our bunneez have tunneled their way through the rabbit hole and have found themselves on the blockchain. Catch a bunny and journey with them on their paths to success in the Metaverse. It consists of 100,000 unique NFTs featuring bunneez of different shades of brown, personalities, occupations, and so many more characteristic traits offered. The team will be operating close to our roadmap's timeline in order to ensure the success of our community's mission. Each phase: Foundations, Engagement, Expansion, and Thriving; are integral to the club's process.


This phase is to ensure that our community has supporters that will display interest and engagement in the BBUL NFT Club.

Once the website has gone live (if you're reading this, it is), we will launch out our social media campaigns to attract our community. So make sure to follow our socials and share our posts to level up your membership rank. Our roadmap will be released and special giveaways will also occur during this phase.









Once the foundations have been established and the engagement has begun growing, we will begin our first official launch of the first BBUL NFT collection.

The first collection of the BBUL NFT Club will be the Original Brown Bunneez Collection. This launch will consist of 2000 NFTs, and will be just the first of many! Since our goal is to create a doorway for our community to obtain crypto investments, the BBUL NFTs will be affordable to our members, at just a price of $25 USD, which is currently 0.021389 ETH. As the rate of exchange for ETH-USD continues to fluctuate, we will try our best to keep our rate the same throughout our journey. Keep in mind, that this rate may change for the "special edition" NFTs, with respect to their rarities.

We will also release our second part of the Original Brown BunnezCollection. Those on the whitelist will receive their NFTs before the public and at a discounted rate. Super excited to get to this level with you all!

It is very important to join our discord and Twitter, in order to be engaged in the giveaways, suggestions, advice, and discussions regarding our NFT Club. Special features like the whitelist mentioned above, which will allow you to pre-order your NFTs before they even launch, will be available via Discord only. We will also be opening our door to collaborations and partnerships with our brands and artists. Not to mention, seeding for investors/sponsors to help us continue to grow to a whole new level. Contact us @


We will continue to expand our NFT projects, as we grow our community.

During this expansion phase, we will begin doing online community events to include our community in discussions and the shaping of BBUL's community. This will include live discussions via podcasts & the discord server, polls and suggestions forums, Behind The Scenes footage of our expansion process, merchandise lines, and even app development for easy access to the community's resources. Stay on alert for our special edition drop updates around this time! Once we have achieved a certain level of funding, we will begin donating proceeds to brown women's aimed charities and groups.